Last meeting in November-a change

With the kind agreement of the Southfarthing (Tolkien Reading Group), I borrowed this meeting in order to give a follow-up talk on some matters arising from my translation of Bevis of Hampton. For this reason there is no actual blog report, but a transcription of the talk can be found at

As some Tolkien scholars have already noticed, and as I have already indicated in my essay on LotRPlaza, there are aspects of the Bevis story that appear to be closely echoed in LotR. However, as Angela remarked privately – any relationship between Bevis and the characterisation of Aragorn is offset by Aragorn being a much nicer character. There are other possible analogues in other works by Tolkien were the relationship may be closer.

From now on we will return to our routine of meetings and our next meeting will address the chapters ‘The King of the Golden Hall’, and ‘Helm’s Deep’.




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